Arzeshafarineatie group activities are divided to three different and related sections.

Investment Promotion Unit offers integrated services to economic agencies. Our clients are activists in all economic sections, who are faced with problems or issues in their business.

According to your request, our clerks in IPU in seven specified department offer the applied services. Following departments are some of the IPU departments: legal &  juridical, educational & human resource, technical, information technology, and marketing & sale department.

Our clients’ problems after being  closely studied by our teams, which are experts in finding defects, will be led to their own related department. . In each department based on client’s request, different range of services, from offering solutions to accomplishment of the solutions, are offered.

Internal City Services(ICS) is designed to offer wide range of services, which were requested by clients all over the country.

Many urban trips are done in order to accomplish required affairs. Many service bases such as General Services Administrations, which are designed to reduce urban trips only accomplish their own related affairs. Internal City Services provid wide range of such services for its clients , and  in this way let clients not to refer to each of these bases separately.

The applicants for different services from all over the country may refer to us, and use wide range of services in the shortest possible time.