About Us



ARZESH AFARINAN ATIE  is a process oriented, market-focused economic group that pursues the goal of solving issues in both public and private sectors. We are committed to search opportunities and to create sustainable values which lead us to wealth. In this regard, our social responsibility which is promoting national economy comes first.

 Our Goals

  • Creating sustainable values for stakeholder
  • Promoting economic position of private sector
  • Providing innovative and practical solutions for business issues
  • Creating long term and deep relationships with clients

Our People

Our creative and innovative teams with extensive expertise required for integrated business management, look for applicable solutions for client’s current issues and future needs under supervision of a motivating leadership

Our Services

By setting up an investment promotion unit (IPU), we provide integrated services for enterprises of different economic areas who encountered several issues in their business.

Our services are highly customized according to client’s requirements. These services are categorized in 7 departments as below:

  • Finance
  • Commerce &Trade
  • Marketing, Branding & Sales
  • Information Technology
  • Law & Legal
  • Education & Human Resources
  • Technical

Our expert teams evaluate and examine the clients then refer them to the relevant department in which provides variety of services from consulting to put solutions to practice.